Various Myths About Varicose Veins


There is not enough awareness about varicose veins issues among people and therefore often they tend to believe certain myths about it. Due to these reasons, often people ignore this problem and consult doctors when things become quite serious.

Therefore, in this small write-up we shall take up few common myths about varice which are as follows:

Myth 1: Surgical treatment can only treat this problem

This is the most common myth about varicose veins and due to this reason, many people are often afraid to see a doctor for the treatment. However, there are plenty of minimal invasive treatment methods available these days where a person can go back to the work immediately after the treatment.

Myth 2: Recovery after the treatment is very difficult

This is another myth due to which many women sufferers often hesitate to visit a doctor. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that after the treatment you can easily walk and stay active. Certain activities like running and weightlifting should be stopped for few days however you can do all your household chores after the treatment.

Myth 3: Cause of this problem is due to crossing the legs

Many people think that while crossing the legs, the blood flow through the veins will get obstructed temporarily and perhaps that is the cause of the problem. However, be rest assured that crossing of legs is not the reason. Most of the people suffer due to hereditary and also a few women develop this problem temporarily during pregnancy.

Myth 4: This is only an old age problem

Many may get the symptoms of this problem during old age however it can also occur at younger ages too. Not only that, it can happen irrespective of body size, shape, gender or race.

Myth 5: Postpone the treatment till all children are born

Many young mothers often think that they can postpone the treatment till their family is complete, however the advice of doctor is that it may lead to serious problem in certain cases.

Myth 6: It is just a cosmetic issue

Varicose veins are no doubt a cosmetic issue, having said that you cannot just brush aside and do not show it to any doctor. If you leave it untreated then it can cause serious complications which are very difficult to cure.

Myth 7: This problem is always visible

There are few varicose veins problems that are invisible too.