7 Amazing Benefits of an Electric Kettle


Electric kettles have turned out to be an amazing appliance for boiling water in a short duration – a quicker and safer alternative to microwave ovens and conventional stovetops. Before you step out to buy one or place an order online, get to know the amazing benefits of an electric kettle and how it can make your day to day life easier.

Boil Water in a Jiffy

While the conventional cooking method may tend to take a much longer time to bring water to boil, electric kettles can boil a good quantity of water in a few minutes. Enjoy drinking warm water daily to detoxify your body.

Make Hot Beverages to Satiate Your Taste Buds

You can use your electric kettle to make hot beverages like coffee and tea. Whether it’s your refreshing cup of morning tea or evening coffee, this appliance can make it an easy affair. Just boil water and pour it into a cup of hot water with a spoon of milk powder. Add coffee powder or tea bags as per your preference. It’s as simple as that.

Prepare Hot Soup with Ease

Drinking hot soup daily is a very healthy choice to make. With an electric kettle at home, it’s easy even for children to make soup on their own.

Prepare Instant Foods

Besides making soup, you can also use your electric kettle for making instant foods like instant pasta and instant cup noodles. With these easy-to-make snacks, you can satisfy you hunger pangs at any time of the day or middle of the night.

Save on Electricity Bills

Today, there are many advanced electric kettles that are considerably more energy efficient when compared to an electric stovetop or microwave oven. So, start using an electric kettle and save on your electricity bills.

A Boon for Individuals Staying in Hostels 

Electric stoves aren’t allowed in hostels, but you can easily carry an electric kettle to make your favourite hot beverage or instant food. So, it’s a boon for people staying in hostels and paying guest accommodations.

Safe to Use

Unlike other appliances, which are risky to use at times, the electric kettle is comparatively safer to use and easy to operate. Features like auto shut off switch off the appliance once the water is heated. This means no over-boiling, no spillage, no possibility of hot water streaming out kettle’s top. You need not monitor continuously as you would do in the case of conventional stovetops.

These are some of the amazing benefits of electric kettle to make your life easier. If you are a student or office goer who stays alone, then this kettle will work wonders for you and help you lead a better life. No more worries about preparing your morning cup of tea or making hot soup on a conventional stovetop!